Plant Facilities

The Conversion Building contains the major systems needed for DUF6 conversion.  It also contains a control room, electric power distribution, uranium oxide packaging/shipping activities, the HF recovery system, and process support.

The KOH Regeneration Building contains equipment for the regeneration of potassium hydroxide (KOH) scrubber solutions for reuse.  The building also contains the cooling tower blowdown and Deionized Water treatment effluent collection tanks, the Effluent Treatment System, and the equipment which provides deionized for the Steam Supply System and other uses.

The Administration Building provides offices for personnel not directly involved in the conversion operations.

The Warehouse/Maintenance Building provides warehousing and storage of facility supplies, and a shop for repair of equipment used for facility operation, and for vehicle repair.


Three cylinder staging areas support operations:

The Full Cylinder Staging area receives DUF6 cylinders from the cylinder storage yards and provides temporary staging of the cylinders before they are moved into the Conversion Building and processed.

The Heel Cylinder Staging areas receives heeled cylinders from the Conversion Building.  Heeled cylinders go through an aging period before they are moved back into the Conversion Building for modification and for reuse as oxide cylinders.

The Oxide Cylinder Staging area receives cylinders filled with oxide from the Conversion Building and provides temporary staging before movement to storage or offsite disposition.


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