Our Core Values

We take our values seriously.  We live and manage by them.

Safety.  We provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and protect the public and the environment.  Safety is our highest priority.  We value human life, health and well-being; we also know that safety makes good business sense.  Click here to download the BWCS ES&H policy.

Integrity.  We conduct our business ethically and professionally.  Our standard is direct, open and truthful communication.

Accountability.   We are empowered to meet our commitments and we take personal responsibility for our actions.

Teamwork.  Mutual respect and teamwork are the foundation of our success.  People are truly our most important resource.

Excellence.  We commit to meeting our customer’s expectations and being the best in all that we do.  Quality and continuous improvement are essential to our success.

Leadership.  We value effective leadership at all levels of the organization.  We inspire and enable each other to achieve goals.