Environment Safety & Health Policy

Ensuring the safety and health of every worker, the public and the environment is the way we achieve our mission.  It is paramount in all that we do. We maintain a safe work place and conduct our work to prevent and eliminate hazards. We protect the environment not only by complying with applicable requirements, but also striving to continuously improve. We expect everyone on our site -- employee,  contractor or visitor -- to take personal responsibility for their actions, and we hold them to the same high standards.

We expect that every employee, contractor and visitor:

  • Is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Is committed to an incident and injury free workplace.
  • Acknowledges that people are fallible, and even the best make mistakes.
  • Actively anticipates and communicates error-likely situations and failed defenses.
  • Does not perform or permit an unsafe act.
  • Has the responsibility and authority to stop unsafe acts.
  • Encourages and reinforces the safe behavior of others.
  • Makes these commitments part of every day at work, home and play.

In support of this policy,  we pledge:

  • To foster and maintain a work environment of mutual respect and teamwork that encourages free and open expression of ES&H concerns.
  • To ensure direct, open and truthful communication of this policy and our ES&H performance.
  • To continuously work to provide a clean and efficient workplace, free of occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • To integrate ES&H into our business processes for work planning, budgeting, authorization, execution and change control in accordance with our Integrated Safety Management System.
  • To continuously improve our processes and systems by establishing, tracking and achieving goals and incorporating lessons learned to drive performance excellence.
  • To minimize the impact of our operations on the environment by using sustainable practices for energy efficiency, pollution prevention, recycling/reuse, source reduction, resource conservation, and environmentally preferable purchasing.

We are committed to this policy.