Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  Get the DUF6 conversion plants to full and sustainable operations and operate them safely, optimally and cost-effectively.

Our contract calls for conversion facility start-up and operations.  We also assume responsibility for management of the DOE inventory of DUF6, LEUF6, NUF6  and empty and heel cylinders at the sites.

Under our contract,  we have accountability for the following:

  • Safely and efficiently operating the Paducah and Portsmouth facilities for the remaining length of the contract, and converting the Department’s DUF6 to uranium oxide, predominantly U3O8.
  • Disposing and/or reusing all the DUF6 conversion products and wastes while meeting all waste acceptance criteria (WAC).
  • Selling the HF that is produced in the conversion process to commercial markets, or neutralizing the HF to a form acceptable for disposal and/or storage for future sales.
  • Providing surveillance and maintenance (S&M) for DOE’s inventory of UF6 material stored in cylinders at Portsmouth and Paducah.
  • Maintaining the DOE Cylinder Information Database (CID).
  • Meeting regulatory and other applicable requirements for managing the UF6 inventory, including
  • Congressional mandates, Federal and state agreements, and agreements with the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC).
  • Protecting the health and safety of workers and the public and protecting the environment.